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Fully outsourced operations.

Production Planning: Integrate forecasted sales with optimal production quantities to keep costs down while maintaining target weeks of supply on hand on a SKU by SKU basis.

Vendor Relations: We will coordinate with both your manufacturer as well as your packaging and ingredient vendors to ensure timely delivery of components necessary for production.

Purchase Order Processing: We receive and process purchase orders from customers on your behalf, confirming for pricing, quantity and lead-times.

Invoicing and Receivables Follow-Up: We will invoice customers for their purchase and will follow up on past due receivables to ensure customers are paying in a timely manner

Deductions Management: When checks come through with deductions, we will review the deductions for accuracy and will assist with disputing any deductions taken in error.

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Strategic Sourcing

Whether you are interested in sourcing new ingredients, packaging or manufacturing partners, we work with suppliers that echo our level of professionalism and attention to detail while paying attention to your exact required specifications, certifications and cost requirements.

Margin Enhancement

We will assess your current supply chain and will work to reduce cost through implementing systems that can scale with you as you grow and through a review of your current inputs to determine if there are opportunities for cost savings.

File Set-Up and Inventory Maintenance

We can assist with setting up your QuickBooks Company File using Advanced Inventory (including sites and lot tracking) and can continue to maintain the file including month-end inventory close, end of run inventory adjustments, sample tracking, inventory item receipts and finish good inventory builds.

We’re also happy to help guide you.

In addition to the above, we are available to assess the status quo of your business and it’s place in the market to set a path for sustainable growth in the near term and into the future.

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Meet our fearless leader.

Emily has been helping natural food brands realize their goals since 2012. After leaving The French Laundry and the fine dining world, Emily joined the quickly growing gluten-free flour company, Cup4Cup, where she helped to drive down costs, re-structure the supply chain and regulate cash flow to finance new opportunities.

Emily Imbach

Emily spent 5 years working in Supply Chain Consulting with JPG Resources and as a Partner at The Helmsman Group. In that time she focused heavily on sourcing ingredients, packaging and contract manufacturing partners; managed production planning and execution for multiple brands; completed financial models for brands of all sizes, from assisting start-ups to understand their all-in cost of goods to running detailed financial analyses to determine profitability of moving from a 3rd party manufacturer to in-house production; developed inventory and demand planning models and rebuilt multiple QuickBooks company files to accommodate advanced inventory tracking by site and by lot. In July 2018, Emily branched out on her own, starting Embach LLC to continue to assist clients with streamlining and managing their supply chains


Emily holds a BS in Economics with specialties in Management and Marketing from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania and is an avid backpacker, having completed the 2185-mile Appalachian Trail in the summer of 2013. She currently resides in Napa, California with her husband, Andrew.

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